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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did this really happen?

Salon asked writers to list their favorite books of 2012. Junot Díaz picked Slow Lightning. Here's what he said:

Best book of the year is without question Eduardo C. Corral’s Yale Younger Prize winning collection “Slow Lightning.” I carried this book with me across the country and back and it’s here with me in this high cold place I’ve found myself. The border, the agonies of the migrant, how love vanishes before it can even begin its extraordinary life, the New America that is unfolding at the edges of our cities, a young man’s awakening dreams — they’re all here, cast in magnificent subtleties. The collection’s title is both understatement and a promise — Corral’s genius moves through like a force that is part wave, part current. Irresistible.

Here's the complete list.

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