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Monday, August 06, 2012

slow lightning bits

Rigoberto González:

"The breaking of multiple taboos -- humanizing a much-maligned population, inscribing homosexuality on the same page as class and ethnicity, and insisting on making as much room as possible for Spanish in an English-dominant text ("Agringado. Recién llegado. / Eyes the color of garrapatas. / Manos de trapo. / Cell phone strapped like a pistola / to his belt.") demonstrate a deliberate push-back to the current anti-immigrant, anti-bilingualism, and anti-gay political climate across the country, and particularly in Arizona, Corral's home state. Indeed, in times of distress, "Even music can bleed."


David Biespiel:

"I see the poise in Corral's poem in its spirality. The poem -- a kind of free verse villanelle/free verse pantoum -- winds through its irregular repetitions and reiterations. Its ideas evoke clinging to the aroma and melodies of memory, of need, of yearning, and are conditioned on those circuitous psychological shapes."

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