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Saturday, July 28, 2012


The raw fact of my body breathed again: Henri Cole visits the grave of Hart Crane.
I want to travel.  Correction: I need to travel.  I have this intense urge to pack my suitcae, to run out the door. The world is waiting for all of us. 
These lovely photographs by saeed jones are fueling my wanderlust.
Berlin or Barcelona?
I received some good news on Wednesday. My poems published in the December '11 and April '12 issues of Poetry have been awarded the J. Howard and Barbara M. J. Wood Prize. Many thanks to the editors of the magazine. I especially want to thank Mrs. Wood for endowing the prize. Her gift will make it possible for me to continue living in NYC and, most importantly, to devote myself to
my second collection, a book-length sequence informed by the life and the work of Martín Ramírez. 
Mrs. Wood, I will be forever grateful.


Tracy said...

Barcelona. We just went for a week. I absolutely loved it. Now my second favorite city. Berlin is supposed to be amazing for artists, and is on my list. I think Barcelona has more to see and do, though, and with your Spanish, so easy. And the food was awesome!

Unknown said...

Eduardo - I love Martin Ramirez's work. I'm excited to hear that you're working on a book about him. Very much looking forward to reading these poems and send good will and muses to assist you. -e