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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Two SL bits

I'm feeling so blessed these days. I'm receiving email/FB messages from strangers, friends, and poets telling me how much they've enjoyed my book. This means a lot to me. Thank you all!

I especially love Manuel Muñoz's response to Slow Lightning:

Where else in American letters will I get such a generous helping of El Chapulín Colorado, Ester Hernández, ranchera song titles that drum up my own version of Robert Hayden’s Sunday mornings, and Jean Valentine (who I hereby declare an honorary chola)? It’s an eclectic and decidedly curious mixture but, at least to my eyes, utterly within my understanding, and it’s been a while since a book of poems has assumed I was already on the page (rather than letting me in, as most books tend to do, no matter how good they are).

Jean Valentine a chola! Órale. :)

Do you subscribe to Poets & Writers magazine? You do? Yeah!! Well, in the May/June issue you will find a 2,000 word (I counted!) article about my writing life, my first book. Thank you, Poets & Writers magazine. Thank you, Rigoberto González.

You can also find the magazine in many bookstores around the country, like Barnes & Noble.

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