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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Morgan Lucas Schuldt has passed away.

Here's a poem from his book Verge:

Prayer I

If in this lure & lapse of bluff & of not
but in a field on a calendar day
if as knot if as rabble if the jinx to my sneeze the bye then to seem & if sigh-lent to sigh
if in your -est fetch & petties
& wayword if wasn’t just as much as ever
in your black dress
if for lull & for during if for a peek of reach unoriented
if life is & if rarely
so that if every anything if underway is underway is elsekiss is sign-done
if criss & cross-bent
if building on glances
is upbrights & downtruths spake _-side &
if believed
if wined for song (which is blood-summed)
and if hurried when all is facets

if verge
if that too & the tellabout ourloud rapid of mention
if beck & stall
if in where only if strop if edge if what-all depended from
if a simpling sun in all needs
if so everyway brimful of found unequally
if tasks, the rearranged dirt loop & you
loop & you if outluck
if lights & nothing so much as a roam
if shine for


Michael Schiavo provides some links to Morgan's poems.

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Sandra said...

Oh no, no, no. This is just terrible. We workshopped together in undergrad days at UVA.