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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

beltway poetry quarterly: FLORICANTO ISSUE

Francisco Aragón, Guest Editor

from the introduction:

Guest editors of Beltway Poetry are asked to hone in on a local angle. Mine is the AWP Conference & Bookfair held in Washington. Or rather: the “off-site” event at the True Reformer Building on U Street that unfolded on February 4, 2011, an event called “Floricanto in DC: A Multicultural Response to SB1070” — in reference to Arizona’s anti-immigrant law.

But my duties as the AWP Conference Chair kept me from attending what, by all accounts, was a moving and stunning evening of poetry. Had I been able to participate, I would have shared this

to Jan Brewer

Cruelty is sensual and stirs you
Governor, your name echoing the sludge
beneath your cities’ streets. It spurs

the pleasure you take
whenever your mouth nears
a mic, defending your law…your wall.

Cruelty is sensual and stirs you
Governor; we’ve noticed your face
its contortions and delicate sneer

times you’re asked to cut
certain ribbons—visit a dusty place
you’d rather avoid, out of the heat.

Cruelty is sensual and stirs you
Governor, the vision of your state
something you treasure in secret

though we’ve caught a glimpse
in the jowls of your sheriff:
bulldog who doubles as your heart.


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