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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

one of my favorite poems (the spacing is off, damn blogger)

Key Episodes From An Earthly Life

As surely as there are crumbs on the lips

of the blind I came for a reason

I remember when the fields were no taller

than a pencil do you remember that

I told him I’ve got socks older than her

but he would not listen

You will starve out girl they told her

but she did not listen

As surely as there is rice in the cuffs

of the priest sex is a factor not a fact

Everything I do is leaning toward

what we came for is that perfectly clear

I like your shoes your uncut hair

I like your use of space too

I wanted to knock her lights out

the air cut in and did us some good

One thing about my television set it has

a knob on it enabling me to switch channels

Now it is your turn to shake or

provoke or heal me I won’t say it again

Do you like your beets well-cooked and chilled

even if they make your gums itch

Those dark Arkansas roads that is the sound

I am after the choiring of crickets

Around this time of year especially evening

I love everything I sold enough eggs

To buy a new dress I watched him drink the juice

of our beets And render the light liquid

I came to talk you into physical splendor

I do not wish to speak to your machine

C.D. Wright

1 comment:

Erika said...

I've always loved this poem! That last line is so great.