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Monday, August 22, 2011

braggart bits

i got my passport in the mail on friday. whew! so now i can reveal the details about my upcoming trip. the good people over at the international writing program at the university of iowa invited me to take part in a ten-day trip through guatemala and bolivia. i think four or five american writers were invited. in each country we'll give a reading and a workshop and we'll meet local writers and students. we leave early next month.
thanks to the editors of jubilat for taking a poem.
i'm a bit worried about altitude sickness in la paz, bolivia. i like a lot of oxygen. ha.
this is old news to my facebook buddies, but i know a lot of younger chicano/latino poets read my blog so i think it's important for me to repeat this bit of publishing news: poetry took three poems from my forthcoming book. many thanks to the editors.
i've been googling what to pack for the trip. fun and scary.
i'm thrilled i will be exploring/experiencing different landscapes and cultures, but what excites me most is the chance to meet writers from different countries. i can't wait to sit down and talk poetry and the writing life. i've been thinking about starting a translation project. maybe i'll meet a writer who'll let me translate his/her work into english!
just found out my book will be published in the first week of april. national poetry month, here i come!


Suzanne said...

Late to the party, but hearty congrats on all this great news!!!

Jeannine said...

Are you coming out to Seattle on your super duper book tour, one hopes? Because that would be super fun!
Congrats on all the good news. It's like a domino effect - you've always been a terrific writer, but now everyone else is finally recognizing it!

Leslie said...

'bout time those bitches at poetry took poems. What, they had to wait until yale officially anointed you as a poet? Risk averse much?

ooop. there goes my chance of getting into poetry ever again.

hi don. hi chris

will you have bound galleys for awp?

it sounds like an awesome trip, E. Have a blast!

Eduardo C. Corral said...


be nice. lol.

the press told me i should have copies of the book by march. i haven't asked about bound galleys. but i will now.

Erika said...

A whole lot of good news! Keep kicking ass!