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Thursday, June 30, 2011

slow lightning bits

tomorrow i have to send a finalized manuscript to yale university press. finalized. finalized
yikes! no more serious tweaking. no more fretting. it's over. finally.
my facebook friends now this already but the title of my first book is: Slow Lightning.
next: the copyediting process.
i hired someone to design my website. i was going to do it myself. ha. did i really just type that sentence??? imagine that: me designing a website. goodness. anyway, i know this person is going to do a great job.
no turning back now.


Leslie said...

So NOT over. Just beginning.

And why would you want to turn back? Your poems have been nourishing you for years. Time to repay the favor.

And by the way the word verification is poments

Poem moments.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

leslie, i was talking about tweaking the poems. that's basically over. whew!

but point taken.

yes, the work is only beginning. it is time to repay the favor.

o my little poems!

Leslie said...

I know, E. It will feel good in a little while to realize you can stop worrying about this set. You have new poems calling to you. They need tweaking, they need attention, they are a tiny bit jealous of their older siblings.

Time to move on to the babies and let the teenagers go drive their own car, go off to college classrooms, go off to secret assignations you know nothing about.

Your little poems all growed up now. Hello new little poems.