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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


tomorrow i'm going to soak in the mineral waters of jemez springs. i've never been to one of these places. i'm going to wear my smurf shorts!
thanks to the poetry editors of the journal for taking two poems from my forthcoming book.
gosh, i have book coming out. wow.
i leave albuquerque this thursday. i'm ready to go back home. i miss arizona.
nice hat, david. no, i really mean it. i'm not being snarky! really, david, nice hat...
have you ever filled out an author's questionnaire? i got one from yale university press and it's freaking me out. some many questions. correction: some many detailed questions.


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C. Dale said...

Um, I doubt you have to wear your smurf shorts to the springs. Likely you need not wear anything when taking the waters!