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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

book bits

last night i spent six hours fretting over an adjective in a couplet. six hours, people! in the end: i kept the adjective.

can i tell you something? i'm sweating all the details. indefinite articles, semi-colons, adjectives, commas, verbs...

can i tell you something? i'm thrilled to be doing this kind of crazy work.

i have to july 1st to finalize the collection. too much time for a poet like me.

i think i have the title down. some of my friends love it; some hate it. who cares! i think it works. yes, it does work for the collection.

sometimes i get a little emotional.

i worked on these poems for over eight years. i gave up a lot for these poems. no joke. i gave up: good jobs, lovers and friendships.

i don't know if it was worth it. i can't change the past.

i'm proud of these poems. wow. did i just type that? yes, i did. fuck it.

i keep having dreams in which i'm opening a box of books but i always wake up right before i get to see the cover.

oh the cover! i might freak out the day i finally see it. no joke. i might pass out. i might scream at the top of my lungs: IT'S BEAUTIFUL, IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

basho: avoid adjectives of scale, you will love the world more and desire it less.

sometimes i get a little emotional.

these past few weeks i've cried a lot in my room. don't worry, people, these are happy tears! i just can't believe i'm going to have a book out in the world.

a book. in the world. full of poems. i wrote.

thank you.

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