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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wood Studio

There are tombstones in my studio. Yes, tombstones: wood boards bearing the signatures of past residents. I always search the tombstones for the names of poets. Here are the poets who have worked in Wood Studio:

Donald Justice
Thomas Lux
Tom Sleigh
Garrett Hongo
Hugh Seidman
Karl Kirchwey
Martha Collins
Jan Heller Levi
Stephen Dunn
Rich Hilles
Melissa Stein
Jennifer Tseng
Xue Di
Geoff Brock
Pamela Alexander
Jennifer Chang
Arielle Greenberg
Patrick Phillips
D. Nurske
Ramon Garcia
Karl Kirchwey
Tess Taylor
Malachi Black
Anna Evans

(Note: the tombstones above are not in Wood Studio. I'll take a pic soon of the tombstones in my studio.)


Matthew Thorburn said...

How especially cool that you're working where Donald Justice once worked!

Kells said...

Love these tombstones. Again, I live vicariously through you. Enjoy!


Hi Eduardo:

Like some other folks I've now read... I got here by googling my own name! Embarrassing, but still, it led me to your post about the tombstones, and the fact that you're in what was once my studio at MacDowell. I'm very jealous of all those snowy pictures, as I was also up there in mid-winter, and remember that studio with such affection.

Try again with the fireplace! It's one of the great joys up there.

And congrats on the YYP!


Patrick Phillips

Eduardo C. Corral said...

hi, patrick!

i am going to try to make another fire soon. but i'm going to have blake help me this time. ha.