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Thursday, January 27, 2011

red-eye bits

it's snowing! in nyc. the city is getting inches and inches. i hope my red-eye flight isn't delayed.
i'm all packed. i'm so glad i bought some winter boots. i'm going to be walking through rain, slush and snow this weekend.
cynthia cruz: I love the idea of doubling, how it creates a refrain, an Other, but also how doubling works as erasure.
yesterday was my last day at work. i'm going to miss my co-workers. what a sweet bunch of folks.
c. dale young: I believed, falsely, when I finished graduate school that I knew a lot about poetry and the making of poetry.
i'm not a singer, but i sing.


Tracy said...

Now I won't be able to "accidentally" bump into you there this summer. I guess I'll have to stake out the 'Bucks!

Mari said...

RE graduate school: someone once said to me that the first task upon graduating is to unlearn everything one's learned and begin to find one's own way in the dark.

Enjoy NYC, MacDowell, and a white winter...