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Wednesday, January 05, 2011


just got rejected by my favorite online journal. boo! no one wants the two poems i sent. i love these two poems; i thought someone would've published them by now. but then again: i'm a terrible judge of my own work. the poems i like the least are often the favorites of others, etc.
Danielle Cadena Deulen: Corrida de Toros
no work today. went to eat some indian food with a co-worker. yummy.
luke johnson: The UPS tracker says I'll have a big 'ol box on my porch tomorrow evening. This is craziness. There are fish dying and birds falling from the sky. I worry that my book's release has triggered the apocalypse. Still, just in case, I've added a PayPal button to the blog, for anyone who'd like to buy the book directly from me...
i have a greasy face. there i said it.
are you reading this blog? i am.


Josh said...

Hey Eduardo -- Thanks for the shout out! That means so much to me because I've been reading your blog for years. Really, thanks.

carrie murphy said...

i am also a terrible judge of my own work. I always find myself wondering why poems i love don't get accepted, and wondering why poems i'm really "eh" about do!