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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I'm staying away from all the craziness today. No Times Square, no parties, no drinking. I'm so boring!
I'm close to finishing a new poem.
Do you live in dallas? You do!! Well, I'm one of the featured writers of the 2012
LitFest at SMU. The other writers are Dean Bakopoulos, Shannon Cain, Amina Gautier, Tyehimba Jess, Krys Lee, Corey Marks, and Martha Rhodes.
I miss my family in Arizona. Each and every day.
Love watching videos of poets reading. Here is David St. John. The first poem he reads is one of my favorite poems.
There is a train inside this iris...
Carl Phillips on Randall Jarrell.
Can I tell you something? I cried a bit yesterday. I cried because I'm so happy and grateful.
I can't wait for all the amazing readings coming up this spring in NYC.
2012, I'm ready for you. Bring on the fireworks.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

rain bits

rain all day. thank goodness i bought a good umbrella when i got here. i needed it today.
i finally found a good diner!
i just found this on youtube. robert hayden reading middle passage. i can't wait to use this when i teach again.
The Mystery of Vachel Lindsay
i will be reading at the tucson poetry festival this april. i can't wait to hear the other readers: karyna mcglynn, ander monson, and patricia smith.
good day writing-wise. i wrote a new stanza, and revised a few lines. oh the pleasure of taking out a comma, then putting it back in.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgment...
i get very emotional when i think about this year. i have a book coming out in april. i'm living in nyc. dreams do come true.
thank you, my little poems.
thank you, carl phillips.
thank you, the whiting foundation.
i can't wait to attend awp chicago. i want to thank many of you in person. you, my fellow poets. you, my fellow bloggers. your support has meant the world to me. i didn't get here on my own. i know that.
today i wrote three lines that i'm very happy with. three lines!! that's a lot for me.
thank you, robert hayden.
thank you, cd wright.
thank you, luis omar salinas.
thank you, josé montoya.
thank you, henri cole.
thank you, lorna dee cervantes.
thank you, bei dao.
thank you, jean valentine.
thank you, rita dove.
thank you, robert vasquez.
thank you, donald justice.
why am i thanking these poets? their poems have influenced my work; my first book is an homage to their work.
okay, i'm starting to get teary eyed! ha.

Friday, December 23, 2011


what a beautiful day!
i woke up late. then dressed and headed off to the village.
i had a tres leches latte at my favorite coffee shop. i sat by the window and watched people come and go...talking of michelangelo.
i can't tell you how much i love living in nyc. the diversity is thrilling, good food is everywhere, and everyone is a poet.
thank you, phyllis, for the gifts!
currently reading: the free world by david bezmozgis.
i found the perfect gift for a friend at the holiday market at union square.
purple rain

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

one of my favorite poems (the spacing is off, damn blogger)

Key Episodes From An Earthly Life

As surely as there are crumbs on the lips

of the blind I came for a reason

I remember when the fields were no taller

than a pencil do you remember that

I told him I’ve got socks older than her

but he would not listen

You will starve out girl they told her

but she did not listen

As surely as there is rice in the cuffs

of the priest sex is a factor not a fact

Everything I do is leaning toward

what we came for is that perfectly clear

I like your shoes your uncut hair

I like your use of space too

I wanted to knock her lights out

the air cut in and did us some good

One thing about my television set it has

a knob on it enabling me to switch channels

Now it is your turn to shake or

provoke or heal me I won’t say it again

Do you like your beets well-cooked and chilled

even if they make your gums itch

Those dark Arkansas roads that is the sound

I am after the choiring of crickets

Around this time of year especially evening

I love everything I sold enough eggs

To buy a new dress I watched him drink the juice

of our beets And render the light liquid

I came to talk you into physical splendor

I do not wish to speak to your machine

C.D. Wright

Monday, December 19, 2011

from The Seattle Times: Don Mee Choi finds freedom in poetry

Few of her students are aware that she is not just their patient, quiet teacher — Choi is also a noted, award-winning poet.


i have a poem in the new installment of devil's lake. this is one of my favorite poems in my forthcoming book. i had a hard time finding a home for it. many thanks to the editors of devil's lake for taking it!
took those photographs of my new neighborhood. just need to upload.
it was freaking cold today. i stayed in.
Black Blossoms is named one of the best poetry books of the year by the Boston Globe.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rita Dove on PBS

The very handsome Jeffrey Brown speaks to Rita Dove about editing the Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry.

There's even a clip of Rita dancing with her husband. Very cool.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

you want this!

I'm giving away a free subscription to Huizache, a new lit magazine put out by the CentroVictoria of the University of Houston-Victoria.

The magazine seeks to publish "works that challenge ethnic, gender, or social stereotypes, and though the magazine’s focus is Latino, it is not limited to it."

I'm very proud to be in the inaugural issue along with Sherman Alexie, Sasha Pimentel-Chacon, Sandra Cisneros, Alex Espinoza, Diana Garcia, Tonantzín Canestaro-García, David Garza, Aracelis Girmay, Estella Gonzalez, Tim Z. Hernandez, Juan Felipe Herrera, Hettie Jones, Lorraine López, Sheryl Luna, José Montoya, Willie Perdomo, Emmy Pérez, Rene Perez, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Tim Seibles, Gary Soto, and Maria Venegas.

Impressive line-up, no?

If you want to toss your name into the hat, leave your name in the comment box!

small press spotlight highlights 2011

here are some small press books recommended by rigoberto gonzález.

how many have you read?


good day today.
hung out with a friend, ate some good food, bought a great coat, and finished the evening having a drink (or two) at a bar.
gosh, i love my new coat. it's gorgeous: espresso-colored wool, vented back, and it looks great on me.
i need to start cooking at home! what kind of stuff can i make? well, i know a few simple but yummy pasta dishes, and i learned how to bake a whole chicken when i lived in lewisburg, pa.
i'm launching my website soon.
The best thing someone ever told me about websites is to view yours as a billboard not pamphlet.
simple is best, i say.

Attention Latino poets: CantoMundo is now accepting applications

Inspired by the culturally-rooted visions of Cave Canem and Kundiman, CantoMundo seeks to create a space where Latina/o poets can:

1. nurture and enhance their poetics;
2. lecture and learn about aspects of Latina/o poetics currently not being discussed by the mainstream poetry publishers and critics; and
3. network with peer poets to enrich and further disseminate Latina/o poetry.

Deadline December 31, 2011

Full guidelines here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Fordham University, Rose Hill · New York City · June 20 - 24, 2012

Application Period: December 15 - February 1

In order to help mentor the next generation of Asian American poets, Kundiman is sponsoring an annual Poetry Retreat in parternship with Fordham University. During the Retreat, nationally renowned Asian American poets will conduct workshops with fellows. Readings, writing circles and informal social gatherings will also be scheduled. Through this Retreat, Kundiman hopes to provide a safe and instructive environment that identifies and addresses the unique challenges faced by emerging Asian American poets. This 5-day Retreat will take place from Wednesday to Sunday. Workshops will not exceed eight students.

Full guidelines here.

Monday, December 12, 2011


coming this week: photos of my new neighborhood.
I’m not crazy about the first line, but I enjoyed Eduardo C. Corral’s To the Angelbeast
everybody is a critic. ha.
you can pre-order my book in germany!
henri cole: ...I don’t want my poems to be confined to the banal facts of my life. The imagination is god...
i'm a little behind on email. my apologies! i will catch up this week.
there are a lot of russian restaurants here. i've never eaten russian food. have you? i can't wait to try it.

Thursday, December 08, 2011


i'm spending my first night at my new place. thrilling, no?
it's raining like crazy.
i went shopping today for a few things. a blue rug, an orange throw, and orange bath towels.
for the first time in my life, i'm fearing tax season! ha.
I am very familiar with David Welch's poetry, as I have been following him for the last five years or so.
i wish i had fans like david welch. sigh.
i need to spend my time on the subway more productively. all i do is listen to music. that's getting old. maybe i should juggle? i'm sure the other passengers would love that!


i have two poems in the december issue of poetry:

to the angelbeast
to robert hayden

i also have a poem in the new issue of jubilat.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize

No entrance fee

Latino/a poets who have not had a book professionally published can enter the contest.

The winner will receive $1000 and publication at the University of Notre Dame Press under a standard contract, as well as an invitation from the Institute for Latino Studies to read from his/her work, along with the judge, upon publication of the book, with all expenses paid.

Judge: Francisco X. Alarcon

Full guidelines here


i found a place!! finally.

a room with kitchenette in rego park.

close to tons of stores and the subway.


Sunday, December 04, 2011


hola, readers!! long time no blog. I've been busy exploring NYC, looking for a room in a good place, and attending readings. I've been here for a week and i've already been to four lit events.
i'm blogging using my iPhone. i love it. I haven't gotten lost once and when i'm out and about, I can google what's nearby, etc. i know this is old news to most of you but i'm late to the party.
sending a shout out to the lovely NYU mfa student who recognized me and said hello!! Please, forgive me. i'm terrible with names. but she knows who she is.
i'm walking around like crazy. i love stumbling upon a cool coffee shop or small bookstore.
this is a city of beautiful people. i feel out of place. ha.
i don't know how to link with this new toy, but i have two poems in the december issue of Poetry, which you can read online. i also have a poem in the new issue of jubilat.
off to central park to read.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hey Seattle peeps!

Rigoberto Gonzalez is reading at Open Books tomorrow at 7:30pm.

He will be reading from BLACK BLOSSOMS.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

moving bits

this friday i'm getting on a plane and flying to nyc. i won't be coming back to the desert for a bit. i'm hoping to stay in nyc til august.
winter, xmas, spring, and summer.
why am i going? well, it's been one of my lifelong dreams to live and to write in the big apple.
i'm going to explore the city, attend poetry readings like crazy, and draft new poems.
oh i just can't wait to walk around. that's my favorite thing. walking til i find a nice cafe. sitting down with a coffee. reading. writing.
oh my little poems, how can i ever thank you for this gift?
are you in the city? let's have coffee!
pinch me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

and the black blossoms are...

Ocean Vuong
Allyson from Boston
RJ Gibson

(I wrote all the names on pieces of paper. Put the pieces in a hat and pulled out three)

Ocean, RJ, and Allyson,

Send me an email and I'll send you a book.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

black blossoms give-a-away!!

Black Blossoms, Rigoberto González's third collection of poems, came out last month. The book has already garnered some stellar reviews.

Wanna win a copy? You sure do! Well, you are in luck because I'm giving away three copies of the book.

How do you win a copy? Well, are you cute....Ha, just kidding. I'm not a wilde boy.

Just leave a comment here or on my facebook wall. Say: I am a black blossom and you will be entered in the give-a-away.

Buena suerte!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011



Rosa Alcalá, Eduardo C. Corral & Aracelis Girmay

Tuesday, Nov 8, 6:00pm
Cambridge, MA
Thompson Room, Barker Center, 12 Quincy Street.
Harvard Universiy



Poetry Society of America: Latino/a Poetry Now: Rosa Alcalá, Eduardo C. Corral & Aracelis Girmay:

I enjoyed the roundtable talk with Rosa and Aracelis. I stress and stress about my prose. I pour all I have into my poems; there's not enough mind-matter leftover for interviews. But Rosa and Aracelis write amazing prose. Yeah!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

chicago bits

if i wasn't moving to nyc later this fall, i would consider moving to chicago.
thanks to carlos cumpián for inviting me, and thanks to kimberly dixon being such a wonderful host.
i got a tour of the poetry foundation buidling. it's beautiful. and i got a sneak peek at the TOC of the december issue, which includes two of my poems.
david love your cap
sara oh your smile
erika you are a tiger
kyle nice beard
jacob we got your back
luis thanks for the pics

Rigoberto González on Dagoberto Gilb

Gilb explores fresh territory with "Before the End, After the Beginning": for the middle-aged, middle-class Chicano (neither young or old, rich or poor, Mexican or American), upward mobility is more of a zigzag. The dust never settles, and the man exists in a state of perpetual discomfort because -- like burly Texan Ramiro, who rents a low-ceilinged room in the story "Hacia Teotitlán -- "he didn't fit" completely into a single box.

Saturday, October 22, 2011