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Sunday, November 14, 2010

starbucks bits

Sending off my manuscript to two more contests tomorrow. Guess which ones? Ha.
Crystal Williams: First, let it be said that there is absolutely no danger of starving to death at the MacDowell Colony.
This iced coffee is giving me a headache.
A weight
A stick of space. A beam. Of zilch.
A swivelhead. Reverse trend
in cellular conglomeration. A cult.
An inner target. An origin disorder.
Send the word
send the word.
Telegram. Missile command.

I need to reach out to local poets. I want to have coffee with an Arizona poet and talk about this crazy art/ business.
Crystal Williams: My heart and head switched on in ways they were not when I came. Well, on and on and then off. And I'm leaving it at that. Y'all don't need to know all my business.
Will you hold my hand?

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