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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


here's some good news that's old news to my facebook friends: i'm going back to the macdowell colony this winter/ spring.

*insert wild happiness here*

i can't tell you how much i need this. i need to leave arizona. like now. ha. it's my home, but i don't belong here.

goodbye, saguaros. hello, snow.

i've been spending a lot of time online looking up macdowell blog posts and pics. yeah, yeah: i've been there before. in fact, it was my first colony. but i still get a rush reading about the experiences of others.

i love these pics. i don't remember chickens at macdowell. i'm going to name one after a certain blogger. then demand to eat that chicken all by myself!

*insert wild happiness here*

but this will be the best part of my upcoming residency: i will sit down at my desk and work on new poems. i will not revise old poems. i will not tweak my first manuscript.

i'm ready to move on.

i have to move on.

my second project, a book-length sequence, is crying out for attention. lines and images are coming to me fast and furious. i already have a new notebook full of stuff.

at macdowell, i will enlarge the music in my poems, i will write a leaner, more muscular line.

i will break my old writing habits.

i will explore new (to me) poetic tools.

i will surprise myself.

i will become a better poet.


Ivy said...

Congratulations, Eduardo! Say hello to MacDowell world for me when you get there. :-) x

Sandy Longhorn said...

Congrats, Eduardo. I know the time has been well-earned.

Love the chicken bit.

stacebro said...

Huzzah, Eduardo! Great news! Also, if you're working on a book-length poem, come to our panel on it at AWP. We'll be talking about the process, limitations, and freedoms inherent in the form. And maybe then I can actually meet you!

Leslie said...

Oh there is good news all over this post, E!

The new notebook, the lunch basket in the woods, winter in New Hampshire, an exciting new project!


Diane K. Martin said...

E, I am so happy for you. I just wish I could be there too, to gab about other poets with you, late into the night!

I think it's so great that you will be working on a new project and *not* tweaking the old one.