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Friday, August 06, 2010

to-do list

1. put together a chapbook manuscript for an editor who has kindly asked to see some work.
2. try the new pecan/ apple salad at wendy's.
3. order and read paul legault's the madeleine poems
4. start a new poem.
5. work up some interview questions for a boxcar interview.
6. try not to drool over paul legault's author photos.
7. wait for the academy of american poets to announce the judge for the 2010 walt whitman award.
8. send less time at starbucks.
9. kiss a fool.
10. fill out two more colony applications.
11. wait for pima road notebook to come out. gosh, i've been waiting and waiting for this book.
12. be more flamboyant.

1 comment:

JayTee said...

Hey sir! Just letting you know that I received the books. Thanks so much!