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Thursday, August 26, 2010


i am being left behind. most of my classmates have at least one book out. most of them are teaching. and me? cue the rolling tumbleweeds!
i am placing all my eggs in one basket: my first book. this scares the sh*t out of me.
asleep at the wheel. the story of my life.
revision, revision.
talent isn't enough. not these days. talent is not enough. talent is not enough.
i have a new motto.
flashforward a year: my first book is out. and then....
the eggs in the basket are already starting to crack.


Luke said...

Talent is not enough, for sure, but when you've got a whole heap of it (as in your case), it sure doesn't hurt.

Case in point: supposedly, I have a first book coming out. Exciting, yes, even without a prize behind it. Still: tomorrow I have an interview to be a sales associate at a specialty pet foods store. And I really want the job. This seems okay, for now.

Can't wait to read that first book, Eduardo, however and whenever it comes...

Jeannine said...

Dear Eduardo,
You are so talented. Don't get discouraged. There is luck, and timing, and persistence. Sometimes I feel that is most of poetry publishing's work - not giving up.
Remember: I'll be here to review your book when it comes out!

Matthew said...

Hey Eduardo, resist that feeling of being left behind! That's the same short term view that gets us in trouble elsewhere. It's the perspective of mainstream politics.

Your patience will make for a better book, one you'll want around longer than a year, one that doesn't just prop open the existing door, but makes a new one.

I'm glad you are scared. That means you're in it for real.

Peter Joseph said...

Quality, not quantity. Good books take time, and I'm sure yours will be great.

Longtime reader

Leslie said...

Your turn will come. And I don't think talent was ever enough--it must be combined with persistence. Hang in there.

Robert Vasquez said...


You're such a talented poet, so don't worry about the "po-biz" stuff. Elizabeth Bishop only published about a 100 poems during her lifetime, and I doubt anyone who knows anything about poetry would consider her a failure.

You've got what it takes to write memorable words, and that's ultimately all that matters in the long run.

All the best,


Mari said...

Eduardo, you are on your own path; try not to compare yourself with others. If it makes you feel any better, my first full-length book wasn't accepted until 11 years after I graduated from writing school. In those 11 years I was writing the poems in my book some of the time and living my life much of the time. Patience and perseverance, I also have to remind myself, are so necessary to being a poet -- both in terms of writing and publishing -- and Bishop is an excellent model on both counts. Hang in there! I know it can get discouraging, but your day will come... —Mari