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Friday, July 30, 2010

AWP DC Here I Come!

CantoMundo: Building a Community of Latina/o Poets

Pablo Miguel Martinez, Carmen Tafolla, Deborah Paredez, Emmy Perez, Cynthia Cruz, Eduardo C. Corral

CantoMundo, a master workshop and retreat, strives to cultivate a community of Latina/o poets by providing a culturally-grounded space for the creation, documentation, and critical analysis of Latina/o poetry. In this session, founders and fellows will reflect on launching the retreat-workshop and will discuss the significance of CantoMundo's efforts to connect training in craft with a focus on Latina/o aesthetic and social concerns. The session will also feature a reading by panelists-fellows.

Behind the Brown Wall: Chicana and Chicano Voices Rise Up

Richard Yañez, Kathleen Alcalá, Eduardo C. Corral, Carolina Monsiváis, Paul Pedroza

A reading by authors who declare the U.S.-México Border a part of their creative identity. The poetry, stories, novels, and essays of these respected Chicana and Chicano voices are rooted on both sides of the international boundary. In their publications, the borderlands symbolize a more complex portrait of America’s boundaries than sensationalized headlines of drug smuggling and illegal immigration. Come witness these talented writers and poets who celebrate people more than mere politics.

List of poetry panels HERE

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jason Schneiderman on Dante Micheaux

And the book does strike erotic notes. Like Cavafy, he knows that the erotic lies in the approach to the explicit, in the regions that surround sex, and the memories that revive sex. In those moments, Micheaux is a smart seducer, showing his hand even as he draws us in.


i have ten fingers! how many do you have?
Author 88 when poem submitted, 92 when published
man, today is going to suck. i have to mop the kitchen. then i have to go to work.
cyndi lauper is going to start filming her own reality show early next year. yeah!
you read that correctly: i mop floors.
last night i dreamt that kermit the frog gave me a french kiss. should i be worried?
i'm writing poems for a second ms. it's a book-length sequence. this should be fun.
You got a Fulbright because you’re a minority.

Friday, July 23, 2010

call for submissions (updated)

Scheduled for publication by Ahsahta Press in May 2012, and edited by Joshua Corey & G.C. Waldrep, The Arcadia Project seeks to explore the relationship between the postmodern and the pastoral in contemporary North American poetry.

In the twenty-first century it is only a short leap from civilization and its discontents—from the violent inequities of the “global village”—to the postmodern pastoral. Postmodern and pastoral: two exhausted and empty cultural signifiers recharged and revivified by their apparent antipathy, united by the logic of mutual and nearly assured destruction. With gas and food prices climbing, with the planet’s accelerated warming, with the contraction of our cheap-energy economy and the rapid extinction of plant and animal species, both the flat world of global capitalism and the green world of fond memory are in the process of vanishing before our eyes. As Frederic Jameson once remarked, “It seems to be easier for us today to imagine the thoroughgoing deterioration of the earth and of nature than the breakdown of late capitalism; perhaps that is due to some weakness in our imaginations.” It is to that question of imagination—dystopian and utopian—that this anthology addresses itself.

Any work in English by writers working in North America that addresses the pastoral in a postmodern idiom, vocabulary, or context, or vice versa, is welcome. Please send up to 15 pages of poetry, in standard electronic format (PDF, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .wpd) to Joshua Corey & G.C. Waldrep at postmodernpastoral@gmail.com. Previously published work is acceptable; please provide acknowledgments or a publication history in that case.

Deadline: 9/1/10.

thanks to c. dale young for the info.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

submission bits

man, it's hot.
j. michael martinez interview: The book went through about three major manifestations. It was originally in the order of my MFA thesis. Two years after my MFA I realized what each section was articulating: certain poems had ideological and imagistic relationships.
i have five poems ready to go, which is a lot for me. i guess i should wait another month or so before i send them out. afterall, a lot of journals start accepting submissions in august/ september. duh. why am i typing that? we all know that.
what's american about american poetry?
these posts are missing some snark!
this past spring and early summer i sent out two poems to three different journals. not simultaneously; one journal at a time. all three journals rejected the poems. big deal, no? yes, it is! to me. i think these two poems are among my best. i'm emotionally attached to these poems. i freaking adore these poems. but the editors/ readers of these journals did not find them suitable for their pages. oh well. i'm not changing the poems.

CantoMundo Pix

Friday, July 16, 2010

would you pay for it?

c. dale young wants to know:

For poetry submissions (3-4) poems, how much would you be willing to pay to submit electronically?

Click HERE to vote.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

cantomundo on youtube

video clips of cantomundo fellows reading at this year's retreat have been uploaded to youtube:

Barbara Brinson Curiel and Cynthia Cruz
J. Michael Martinez and Sheryl Luna
Oscar Bermeo and Luivette Rest
Francisco Aragón and Celeste Guzman Mendoza
Amalia Ortiz and Pablo Miguel Martinez
Carmen Tafolla and Eduardo Corral
Lauro Vazquez and Diego Baez
Gloria Amescua and Norma Elia Cantú
Liliana Valenzuela
Deborah Paradez

open reading period: prose poems

from White Pine Press:

The Marie Alexander Poetry Series has an open submission period during the month of July. An award of $500 and publication will be given for a chosen collection of prose poems by an American poet. Submit a manuscript of at least 48 pages, which can include some lineated pieces, along with a cover letter with complete contact information and an SASE for notification only.

Postmark must be between July 1 and 31.


the new installment of boxcar poetry review is up and running.

check out the e-conversations between:

leslie harrison & jehanne dubrow

suzanne frischkorn & brent goodman

a thousand thanks to these poets!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A professor invites me to his “Black Lit” class; they’re
reading Larson’s Passing. One of the black
students says, “Sometimes light-skinned blacks
think they can fool other blacks,
but I can always tell,” looking
right through me.
After I tell them I am black,
I ask the class, “Was I passing
when I was just sitting here,
before I told you?” A white woman
shakes her head desperately, as if
I had deliberately deceived her.
She keeps examining my face,
then turning away
as if she hopes I’ll disappear. Why presume
“passing” is based on what I leave out
and not what she fills in?
In one scene in the book, in a restaurant,
she’s “passing,”
though no one checked her at the door—
“Hey, you black?”
My father, who looked white,
told me this story: every year
when he’d go to get his driver’s license,
the man at the window filling
out the form would ask,
“White or black?” pencil poised, without looking up.
My father wouldn’t pass, but he might
use silence to trap a devil.
When he didn’t speak, the man
would look up at my father’s face.
“What did he write?”
my father quizzed me.

Toi Derricotte

Monday, July 12, 2010

yes, i know: my bed is a mess

first book interviews: steven d. schroeder
the above pic is my current writing space: my bed. the pic is part of aimee nezhukumatathil's post over at the pshares blog about writing spaces. other poets included are paul guest, rachel zucker, kim addonizio, jennifer chang, matthea harvey.

hint: click on the second pic in my part of the post to see which books i'm re/reading right now.
oscar bermeo's flickr cantomundo slideshow. thanks, oscar!
great news: aracelis girmay wins isabella gardner poetry award

Rigoberto González on Gary Soto

But with the release of his 11th poetry collection, "Human Nature"...Soto returns to what he writes best: verse that is delightful and thought-provoking, but this time has a slight tinge of sadness that comes from recognizing one's mortality as a human and as an artist.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Call me


CantoMundo 2010: Two Pics

cynthia cruz, me

back row (l to r): celeste, norma, oscar, emmy, barbara, diego, luivette, eduardo, pablo

front row (l to r): amalia, liliana, carmen, francisco, lauro, cynthia, sheryl, j. michael, deborah, gloria

seated (l to r): martín espada, demetria martinez, toi derricotte

* pics taken by oscar bermeo

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


two days until cantomundo! oh my.
corn shake will be blogging for p-shares this summer. check out the baby pic!!
three poems by gary mcdowell
i'm finally happy with the structure of my manuscript. about freaking time!! instead of five sections, i now have three. five sections gave the poems too many "rooms" to wander through. often the poems would nap in one room, but would wake up in another room! it was so confusing.
The appointment last week of 82-year-old William Stanley Merwin as the U.S. poet laureate both honors his 58-year contribution to American arts and letters and returns the largely ceremonial post to the realm of the traditional white male poet...
i'm dancing, mother.
Matthew Hittinger: One of my favorite mentors in graduate school, the Jamaican poet Lorna Goodison, reminded us the sun and moon were always going to be there; it was what we did with them, the challenge of revivifying the old forms and images, that was our task. I’ve taken that very much to heart.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

why am i blogging on a saturday afternoon (bits)

let's start with some good news from jeannine hall gailey: Kitsune Books, a wonderful publisher down in Florida of all kinds of speculative lit, has decided to accept my Japanese-folk-tale-and-anime-themed manuscript, She Returns to the Floating World, for publication...
i have to work today. outside in the garden department. under the hot sun. oh lord.
those curtains of bones swaying on stilts
i'm hosting an open mic reading next week at the cantomundo retreat. should i be a funny host or a lets-go-team host? or a mix of the both? should i wear a bow tie?
james allen hall: premonition
jeannine hall gailey (again!) reviews: karyna mcglynn
oh the sun!

Friday, July 02, 2010

vote now!

Who wore it best?

Ashlee Simpson Wentz


Norman Dubie

Thursday, July 01, 2010

poems that i love


The sun is a Tudor arch sustaining the sky.
In a moment it will fall. Blackbirds
with crimson suns on their wings
squawk in protest, and my sister,
in lovely, billowy clothes from Anticipation,
picks a sky-blue cornflower that she'll press
between the pages of the O.E.D.

In the lightless vault of words
the petal tips will caress
an adjective from the Old French.

Now, as she strays through the field,
she asks me if she's beginning to look like
Ophelia -- she doesn't know why,
she just imagines Ophelia long-haired
and pregnant -- and I say, "No, no,
you're a terrible singer and much too sane,"

and she pulls her ample sleeves
together in a solemn, mandarin way
and bows to the birds startling
the sky and bows to the dying sun
and bows to me, her younger brother,
who wants nothing more of the world
than to salt the stream before her
that she may float and float
and never drown.

David Woo

thursday bits

i'm spending my thursday night at a starbucks. so sad.
bought a new watch today. it has a deep blue face. and a steel gray metal band.
by this time next week i will be in albuquerque living it up with other cantomundo fellows.
i also bought two new shirts today. aren't you excited??
someone asked me if i going to blog from the cantomundo retreat and the answer is yes. i will be posting my impressions and some pics.