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Friday, June 11, 2010

bits and bits and bits

i'm feeling restless. i need to pick up my feet and walk out of the desert. i'm hungry for new landscapes, for new connections, for a new life.
do you like my fish? don't forget to feed them! left click! left click!
oh robert hayden!
i want to move to the pacific northwest. seattle or somewhere in oregon. i want the rain to punish me.
triquarterly online is launching soon. the first installment will feature the work of william gass, antonya nelson, steve almond, achy obejas, thisbe nissen, jenny boully, michael anania, alan shapiro, and others. read their blog here.
rain, rain, rain, rain.


Jeannine said...

The NW is a wonderful place to write. All that coffee and rain and independent bookstores and people who actually wear glasses...I miss it!

Biombo said...

Nice make-over to the blog! I dig!

Suzanne said...

I ♥ your fish!

Oliver de la Paz said...

We had a full month of rain. You'd love it up here, E.

Luke said...

Everybody's doing it.