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Thursday, May 13, 2010

that was quick

last night (let me state that again: last night!) i submitted three poems to beloit poetry journal via their online submission manager. early this morning (let me state that again: early this morning!) i got a rejection note.

this is the fastest i've ever been rejected.

i'm so glad al gore invented the internet.


Gary L. McDowell said...

If I remember correctly, they're known for that...even when they only took postal submissions they'd respond in under 10 days routinely. But hey, I kinda like it. If they don't want/need your poems right now, it's best, I think, to know right away. Frees you up to send them elsewhere right away.

I just sent them my 4 most recent submission-ready poems...maybe they'll write me tomorrow morning, too. :)

Good luck with your next submission, Eduardo!

Jills said...

you are so cool, eduardo.