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Saturday, May 08, 2010

RIP: Rane Arroyo


We met in proud Utah and wore opaque
vodka on those vague Sundays for the
unfaithful on your dangling back porch
while dreaming of the very New York

where we entangled for the last time.
Te quiero, you said there, my ears as
paths. You then vanished with a macho
because I had a lover, because we’d

never ride across Russia together in
that frozen train, because listening
to A Chorus Line all those weekends
didn’t teach us the foreign language

of our bodies, because of your career
as a model after years as a military
mannequin, because we never expected
adios to be our actual parting last word.

Because, because, and because. You
turned around to stare at me and I waved
back: I love you too. What an education:
poetry always demands all my ghosts.

Rane Arroyo


Josh said...

Oh my. Have we lost Rane Arroyo, too? When?

Eduardo C. Corral said...

he died last thursday.

Robert Vasquez said...

Although I never met Rane (I seem to remember communicating with him via email), I became an admirer of his work and posted a link to his website on my blog some time ago.

What a loss for poetry, and I can only imagine the loss those who knew him personally.

mike said...

As our family wait for the memorial service today, I drink my coffee at MacDonalds reading such sites about my brother. These kind words chase away the ghosts of the past, give voice to the words never spoken, soften the loss shared by so many.