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Thursday, April 29, 2010

you gotta love facebook

good lord!

my boss during my resident assistant days at arizona state posted this pic on her facebook wall the other day. thanks, melissa!

i nearly fainted with shame.

i'm not that cute guy going to town on that popsicle. i'm too classy to do that in public, thank you very much.

and i'm not the cute girl in white.

i'm the one wearing a rosary and way-too-short shorts. i got more legs and thighs than a kfc bucket!


i have bangs! let me say that again: i have bangs. curley bangs! and my hair is parted straight down the middle.

oh boy.

this pic was taken in the mid 90s. terrible things happened in the 90s. terribe, terrible things.


C. Dale said...

Aw, you look cute with those bangs. And if you think the 90's were terrible, the 80"s were MUCH worse!

Luke said...

Also--are those life savers tied to the tent poles?

James Allen Hall said...

Almost as cute then as you are now!

Mr. Popsicle is obscene. Can you give me his #?