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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rigoberto Gonzlez reviews Steven Cordova

If anything shapes the gay sensibility in Long Distance it’s the particulars of New York City living, from the serendipitous Manhattan encounters with former flings and old crushes, to the public unfolding of people’s private dramas...


Suzanne said...

Thanks for this link, I &heart; Steven Cordova's work and just ordered his book.

Biombo said...

Just finished reading Long Distance last night, it was part of my Spring Break Shopping Spree. With it I ordered:
-Chronic, D.A. Powell
-Faith Run, Ray Gonzalez
-Bird Eating Bird, Kristin Naca
-The Romantic Dogs, Roberto Bolaños

I really enjoyed it. I think my favorite was: The Last AIDS Cat....really cool cover too!