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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

propeller bits

i don't work tomorrow! yeah!!
so i got rejected by poetry magazine. a friend told me it probably didn't help that i'd recently made fun of a guy who reviews for the magazine. ha. i'm sure that was not the case. the screener just didn't like the poems i sent. end of story.
dora malech: let me explain.
i get goosebumps when a poet i adore says nice things about my poems. thank you, d.a. powell.
i need to buy a new bracelet for my upcoming reading in the east village. i wave my arms around when i read, and i like to have some bling glittering as i wave my arms like i just don't care.
omg. i'm going to read with henri cole. still can't get over that. i just hope i don't say something stupid to him.
there's a shop at union square where i've bought bracelets before. i hope they're still open. and yes, i buy bracelets designed for ladies. so what! guy bracelets are all leather and boring. i'm not into leather and i'm not into boring.
i've never been kissed in the rain. have you?
i really wave my arms around when i read. i become a plane propeller.


Kells said...

I've been kissed in the rain & I love that you both wear and say bling. I would love to see you read one day. I like bracelets too.

James Allen Hall said...

The first time my ex and I kissed, it was lightly raining on us in Houston.

Believe me, you don't want to go down that trail.

Suzanne said...

'i really wave my arms around when i read. i become a plane propeller.'

That's hot.

RJGibson said...

Yes, I've kissed in the middle of an August rain, in Baltimore.

I've begun waving around my left hand when I read...I dunno what the hell THAT'S all about.

Louise Mathias said...

up against a wall, in the rain, yes.