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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you want some bits?

man, it's been a bit since i last posted.
i've been working, sleeping and writing. i'm tinkering with a poem that portrays robert hayden as a bottom. steve fellner, you know what i mean.
i owe someone a phone call.
i'm currently reading two novels written by poets: revenge of the mooncake vixen by marilyn chin and in a perfect world by laura kasischke.
there are a handful of male bloggers out there (all white, all straight) that are obsessed with getting a book published. understandable, no? we all want our work out in the world. but it seems they put too much effort into getting published; i would rather hear about how they are obsessed about writing a kick-ass collection. in all likelihood their books will be published, then quickly forgotten.
gawd, i'm terrible.


Justin Evans said...

Speaking for myself, as a straight-white-male poet-blogger, I would like to point out that I have been obsessing over both of those things. I have been obsessing about getting my first book published AND I have ben obsessed about writing my second collection, which is unlike any writing I have ever done before.

Luke said...

i can haz first book?

RJGibson said...

The terrible is why I keep coming back.