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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carmen Tafolla on Angela De Hoyos

"At every single Chicano literary event, reading her work with flair and flourish, applauding others, animando, taking a young poet aside to say, ‘I'd like to publish a book of your work,’ taking a cultural arts org onto her shoulders to say ‘Sí, se puede. What do you need? I'll help.’ Energy, creativity, and compassion. She published award-winners in distinguished contests in Rome and London, or on the cheap newsprint 25 cent a copy SA-based Chicano magazine called Caracol. She wrote a poem for us when we lost our first baby; she wrote a poem for organizer Willie Velásquez when he passed away. She attended every single one of the theater productions at the Guadalupe for years on end. She edited with Bryce and Mary Milligan two major Latina anthologies. She was everywhere, everywhere."

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