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Thursday, December 10, 2009

my bits can beat up your bits

i spend way too much money at starbucks. i can't help it! i'm addicted to peppermint mocha lattes!
nate klug's pic over at the poetry foundation web site bugs me. a lot. granted, he's very cute. i wouldn't kick him out of the garden of eden. but i dislike the expression on his face. he's looking at the camera as if we just disturbed his morning coffee or something! and the forefinger buttressing his temple and the fingers curled before his chin are pretentious and moldy gestures. i hate it when poets pose like that! we have been blessed...the poet has gazed in our direction...let's kneel at his feet...
With his eighth book, "Never-Ending Birds," David Baker won't let us forget. The world in these poems -- birds and all -- is one Ted Hughes and Emily Dickinson would have recognized: intricate, violent, sublime.
i need to get a life. i know it.
i told someone the other day that i'm going to wear bunny slippers in my author pic. not on my feet. on my head.
i do like this short but oh so tight poem by nate klug


Matthew said...

nate klug was an intern at Poetry before his poems started "gracing" their pages. He may have a tight piece or two, but it makes his pic that much more pretentious.

Brent Goodman said...

that poem conjured a little puke in my mouth