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Sunday, December 20, 2009


hey, you.
almost done with my xmas shopping. bought a scooter, a swiss army knife, pjs, some video games, action figures, clothes and books for my nephews and nieces on friday.
lights and music are on my mind...
at what point do you move on beyond petty grudges? there's a female blogger who just won't stop her personal vendetta. i hope she realizes that no one else is going to join her campaign, and that her vendetta is overshadowing her poetry. i myself will never buy another book by this poet.
best poetry books of 2009 include titles by d.a. powell and lucia perillo.
i bought a smurf tote today!


Rich Villar said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume I know who this female blogger is.

I disagree that her vendetta is overshadowing her poetry. I certainly see no reason for her to continue swallowing these bitter pills. But the strength of the work (and it is decidedly strong work) must be what endures over time, not the bridges she chooses to burn. The talent is undeniable. And it must be supported. I submit that you can support the work without supporting the personal vendettas or opinions of the artist.

Now, if you simply don't LIKE the person in question, that's an entirely different matter. I know you've been attacked before so I wouldn't impose a hard/fast rule on you. I'd certainly think twice about shelling out MY money if I were a target.

In general though, I feel like poetry already suffers from a lack of readership. Why deny a strong voice some measure of audience over some personal/po-biz business, as it were? It serves nothing.

As personal grudges go, literary ones, this one certainly is up there. But can you separate the person from the poetry? I think we kinda do it every day, que no?

Sara said...

Hey, yourself.

newzoopoet said...

I'm digging the combo of a scooter and a swiss army knife. :)

Jehanne Dubrow said...

Eduardo, please send me a secret message so that I can go scope out all those snarky posts....so tantalizing...most know more gossip...must discover identity of bad bad blogger....

Word verification: logitina (i.e. a virtual reality, internet martini)

Eduardo C. Corral said...

hey, rich,

yes, i can separate the person from the poetry.

i would teach her work in a latina/o lit. course or suggest her work to a student if i thought s/he might benefit from it.

i still think her vendetta is overshadowing her poetry. that's all people talk about when her name comes up. we laugh at her blog posts. then we get a little sad thinking about the waste of time and creative energy. but we don't talk about her poems anymore. not the people i know.