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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Kundiman Poetry Prize

Kundiman and Alice James Books are accepting submissions of poetry manuscripts for The Kundiman Poetry Prize postmarked between November 15, 2009 and January 15, 2010. The Kundiman Poetry Prize welcomes submissions from emerging as well as established Asian American poets. Entrants must reside in the United States.

The winner receives $2000, book publication and a New York City feature reading.

Complete info here

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Call for Submissions

PALABRA, a magazine of Chicano & Latino Literary Art,

invites Chicano & Latino writers to submit short stories, flash fiction, poetry, standalone novel excerpts and short plays that explore new avenues of Chicano & Latino writing. Innovative/cross-genre/hybrid work is welcome. Especially interested in work that is fresh and takes literary risks.

Fiction and novel excerpts to 4000 words, flash fiction 3 maximum of up to 750 words each, poems 5 maximum of any length and style, plays to 15 pp. Work can be in English, Spanish, Spanglish or any combination thereof. Simultaneous submissions are okay. There is some pay. Submissions are accepted from September 1 through May 31.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hottie of the week: James Murphy

LCD Soundsystem

Call for Submissions

from Cynthia Cruz

I am in the beginning stages of putting together an anthology of poems and prose written by women about their experience of being hospitalized for an eating disorder. If you have any writing (poems or prose) on this subject(does not have to be "narrative"), please send to me at cindyskylar@yahoo.com. with subject heading "anthology."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I hope you applied to this

Olive B. O'Connor Fellowship in Creative Writing

Deadline: arrive by January 1, 2010,

Writers of poetry, fiction or nonfiction who have recently completed an MFA, MA, or PhD in creative writing, and who need a year to complete their first book, are encouraged to apply. The selected writer will spend the academic year (late August 2010 to early May 2011) at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York.

The fellow will teach one creative writing course each semester and will give a public reading from the work in progress.

The fellowship carries a stipend of $34,750 plus travel expenses; health and life insurance are provided.

Complete applications, should consist of a resume; three letters of recommendation, at least one of which should address the candidate’s abilities as a teacher; and either a maximum of 30 double-spaced manuscript pages of prose or 20 single-spaced pages of poetry. Writing sample may be a completed work or an excerpt from something larger.

Send complete applications to Creative Writing Fellowship c/o Department of English, Colgate University, 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346-1398.

good news!

congrats to jason schneiderman for winning the 2009 richard snyder prize from ashland poetry press.

from Identity Theory Editors' Blog

This should be a golden age of literary journals. And it is, for some larger forward-looking publications. McSweeney's, the New Yorker, Tin House, and others have found compatibility between financial sustainability and what my old boss Henry Jenkins calls "spreadability", removing barriers to sharing content so that fans can build communities around that content.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


the other night i dreamt i made out with dean young. he has cold hands and a hot tongue.
oh bless the innocents! i was recently asked by an mfa student to write him a letter of recommendation. how sweet! and foolish! i told him no. i told him he should seek out someone who really knows his work, or at the very least, a poet with more visibility.
i don't want to be famous. that's why i'm a poet.
love love love love this song: blind by hercules & love affair. the lead singer on this track is antony from antony and the johnstons.
page proofs always make me break out in a sweat.

Hottie of the week: anthony swofford

read his bio here.

kinda of silly, but oh well: my year (really half a year it seems) in facebook status updates

Monday, December 21, 2009

steve fellner speaks!

"Fat poets like myself are the most wonderful things in the gay community."

"I like misshapen poems."

"You must have a small cock to ask me that question."

"Another truth: I want revenge."

" At least a dozen people come to my blog a day."

"Gay men are never safe."

Sunday, December 20, 2009


hey, you.
almost done with my xmas shopping. bought a scooter, a swiss army knife, pjs, some video games, action figures, clothes and books for my nephews and nieces on friday.
lights and music are on my mind...
at what point do you move on beyond petty grudges? there's a female blogger who just won't stop her personal vendetta. i hope she realizes that no one else is going to join her campaign, and that her vendetta is overshadowing her poetry. i myself will never buy another book by this poet.
best poetry books of 2009 include titles by d.a. powell and lucia perillo.
i bought a smurf tote today!

Go Team Voltron!

Huge congrats to my Bread Loaf roomie Alan Heathcock who just sold his story collection to Graywolf Press.

Go Team Voltron!!!!

Lexi Rudnitsky/Editor’s Choice Award

The Lexi Rudnitsky/Editor's Choice Award is an annual collaboration between Persea Books and The Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Project. It is open to any American poet who has previously published at least one full-length book of poems. The winner receives an advance of $1,000.00, publication of his/her collection by Persea, and the option of an all-expenses-paid residency at the Anderson Center, a renowned artists' colony in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Full guidelines here.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I will be wearing lipstick this spring

i'm so loving this photograph. it's a sneak peak at M.A.C.'s Viva Glam 2010 spring campaign. the campaign will feature cyndi lauper and lady gaga. each diva will get her own shade of lipstick: viva glam gaga and viva glam lauper. all profits will go to the MAC AIDS Fund.

i will be wearing viva glam lauper all spring!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I found the cover art for my first book!

update ur blogrolls, peeps

brent goodman has moved here.

There Are Two Worlds

Perhaps the ankle of a horse is holy.

Crossing the Mississippi at dusk, Clemens thought
Of a sequel in which Huck Finn, in old age, became
A hermit, & insane. And never wrote it.

And perhaps all that he left out is holy.

The river, anyway, became a sacrament when
He spoke of it, even though
The last ten chapters were a failure he devised

To please America & make his lady
Happy: to buy her silk, furs, & jewels with

Hues no one in Hannibal had ever seen.

There, above the river, if
The pattern of the stars is a blueprint for a heaven
Left unfinished,

I also believe the ankle of a horse,
In the seventh furlong, is as delicate as the fine lace
of faith, & therefore holy.

I think it was only Twain's cynicism, the smell of a river
Lingering in his nostrils forever, that kept
His humor alive to the end.

I don't know how he managed it.

I used to make love to a woman, who,
When I left, would kiss the door she held open for me
As if instead of me, as if she already missed me.
I would stand there in the cold air, breathing it,
Amused by her charm, which was, like the scent of a river.

Provocative, the dusk & lights along the shore.

Should I say my soul went mad for a year, &
Could not sleep? To whom should I say so?

She was gentle, & intended no harm.

If the ankle of a horse is holy, & if it fails
In the stretch & the horse goes down &
The jockey in the bright shout of his silks
Is pitched headlong onto
The track & maimed, & if, later the horse is
Destroyed, & all that is holy

Is also destroyed: hundreds of bones & muscles that
Tried their best to be pure flight, a lyric
Made flesh, then

I would like to go home, please.

Even though I betrayed it, & left, even though
I might be, at such a time as I am permitted
To go back to my wife, my son--no one, or

No more than a stone in a pasture full
Of stones, full of the indifferent grasses,

(& Huck Finn insane by then & living alone)

It will be, it might be still,
A place where what can only remain holy grazes, &
Where men might, also, approach with soft halters,
And, having no alternative, lead that fast world

Home--though it is only to the closed dark of stalls,
And though the men walk ahead of the horses slightly
Afraid, & at all times in awe of their
Quickness, & how they have nothing to lose, especially

Now, when the first stars appear slowly enough
To be counted, & the breath of the horses make white signatures

On the air: Last Button, No Kidding, Brief Affair--

And the air is colder.

Larry Levis

Thursday, December 10, 2009

david lau: one of my favorite new poets

Yucca Flats
Protest in Philippines
The Tupperware Concerto

another great cover

my bits can beat up your bits

i spend way too much money at starbucks. i can't help it! i'm addicted to peppermint mocha lattes!
nate klug's pic over at the poetry foundation web site bugs me. a lot. granted, he's very cute. i wouldn't kick him out of the garden of eden. but i dislike the expression on his face. he's looking at the camera as if we just disturbed his morning coffee or something! and the forefinger buttressing his temple and the fingers curled before his chin are pretentious and moldy gestures. i hate it when poets pose like that! we have been blessed...the poet has gazed in our direction...let's kneel at his feet...
With his eighth book, "Never-Ending Birds," David Baker won't let us forget. The world in these poems -- birds and all -- is one Ted Hughes and Emily Dickinson would have recognized: intricate, violent, sublime.
i need to get a life. i know it.
i told someone the other day that i'm going to wear bunny slippers in my author pic. not on my feet. on my head.
i do like this short but oh so tight poem by nate klug

Monday, December 07, 2009

summer bits

cold day in arizona today. rain and cloud shadow.
i'm applying to yaddo and macdowell again. maybe i will get in again; maybe not.
i need a new watch.
don't you love it when some bloggers claim they don't do colonies because they have no need for them? ha. we all know the real reason they have no need for them: they know they can't get in.
listening to philip glass a lot.
i work again tomorrow. i'm liking my part-time gig at home depot. i'm a people person!
i wonder what c. dale is drinking right now?
tiger woods is one horny dude.
facebook this!

hottie of the week: terrance hayes

The Kundiman Poetry Prize for Asian American writers

Kundiman and Alice James Books will be accepting submissions of poetry manuscripts for The Kundiman Poetry Prize postmarked between November 15, 2009 and January 15, 2010. The Kundiman Poetry Prize welcomes submissions from emerging as well as established Asian American poets. Entrants must reside in the United States.

The winner receives $2000, book publication and a feature reading.

Complete guidelines here.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

laura van prooyen on paula bohince

Set in rural Pennsylvania on a family farm, the narrative comprises three parts. Section One recalls the primary speaker’s complicated childhood, Section Two confronts the circumstances of her father’s brutal death, and Section Three explores her adult life on the homestead. The poems reveal a landscape permeated with loss and violence as they weave together the obsessions of the book

susan settlemyre williams on victoria chang

We know, in general terms, what to expect from a first book of poetry. The poet has been writing it all her life. Second books don’t behave predictably at all. Accessible narrative poets go in for complicated word salads; autobiographical poets turn to someone else’s life. As with adolescents, the voice changes—and sometimes squeaks and breaks on its way to reaching maturity. Even at this stage, however, wise poets don’t jettison everything that worked right in their first collections. Victoria Chang, a wise poet, manages both continuity and innovation in her second book.

ron slate on peter campion

...His occasional fussiness with language points us away from a strange obsession to its willful manipulation. But his insistence on inserting an unexpected word also underscores the role of this carved language as the most reliable stay against the types of confusion in The Lions.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

american poets in the 21st century

you gotta love the internets!

this is a great online companion to the american poets in the 21st century anthology published by wesleyan university press.

you will hear some fine poets read their own work.

mark levine! myung mi kim! da powell! kevin young! karen volkman! susan wheeler!

i'm going to use this site next time i teach.

bad boy bits

am i a bad boy?
blackbird singing in the dead of night...
these posts are getting boring to write! i need to pick a fight with someone! yes, that sounds like a plan. i already have a blogger in mind. oh, yea!
can i shock you? i don't like the beatles.
i should buy some brass knuckles.
i watched the first episode of "launch my line" on bravo last night. i think bravo has finally jumped the shark. talk about manufactured drama. two thumbs down!
peppermint mochas are divine.
can't stop listening to "to go home" by m. ward. what a lovely song. and yes, i know it's a cover.
the moon is crazy.
really like this poem on poetry daily and this poem on verse daily.