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Saturday, November 28, 2009

victoria chang interviews dan beachy-quick

...I think that lyric tradition offers a way in which both language and music may co-exist, opposites that nonetheless do not destroy each other, but continually reduce the other’s dominance as a representative mode. It is work, but a strange kind of work—one that lets the notion of work subside into listening.


The lightning struck him and left a scar.
The wind stopped blowing and the wheat stood up.
Self-tensed self, who is this I that says I ?
I had a scar in the shape of  lightning
That split in half when I opened my mouth.
The sun  just a circle of  heat in the sky
Throwing absence in the shape of clouds
Down on the field. Another life placed
In the middle of  the life I called my own.
A lesser god commanded the front: return.
A little god knocked about in the germ.
The third person put me outside my own sphere.
A small god chanting lightning in the synapse.
Wind blows the wheat down. He calls it prayer.

dan beachy-quick

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