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Thursday, November 19, 2009


i hate it when bloggers brag about lit journal acceptances. who cares? i don't.
i can't wait for new moon this friday.
jordan, jump on the platitude bandwagon!

dark is the night.
i'm a little bummed. i can't apply to go back to bread loaf until i get a book published. shucks! that might be YEARS from now! ha. i had such a great time there this summer. but you can't apply for a waitership if you've already been there as a scholar. makes sense. too bad. i will be dreaming about you, bread loaf.
tonight is the finale of project runway and i could care less.
i have a poem forthcoming in this journal. i'm very happy about this.
i work in a pumpkin patch.
song of the moment: "one wing" by wilco.
One of the biggest challenges for a writer is to risk failure, I think. And in risking failure, you just might write stunning new poems. But chances are, these new poems might not be embraced by the people that embraced your work before. I've been obsessing about these issues for a while now as I try to push myself to overcome stasis in my writing.
i'm right there with you, victoria.


Luke said...

Yeah, I hate it, too.

Oh, and congrats on the NER acceptance.

Ivy said...

Congratulations on the NER publication, Eduardo! :-)

Furnitude said...

My standard for reading poetry blogs has become: I stop reading if my reaction is consistently, "That's so good for you."

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Filthy hypocrite/congrats again... :)

Steven D. Schroeder said...

P.S. I didn't remember you dropping the no-poems-to-blogger-edited-journals policy, and if you did, when are you planning on sending work to Anti-?

Jordan said...

Eduardo, I can't seem to community that bandwagon. :)

Kells said...

yo baby, congrats to you!

Though you'd never brag, maybe just subtly mention something in a blind link. ;-)

Fantastic news! I'm happy for you!

And I didn't realize that about Breadloaf. I've never been there, but after hearing you, it seems it is a place I may want to go sometimes.

Though it seems a little scary to me, I don't get the waiter/scholar/yeast maker/etc. roles. And yes, I'm kidding about yeast maker..

Anyway, enough about me, congrats again to you, Eduardo!