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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So in total, 76 presses had the opportunity to consider it over 5 years...
wow. you have to admire kelli's tenacity.
i hope i have her drive.
today i really hate my ms. i know some of my buddies are going to tisk tisk me writing this on my blog. but that's how i feel today. a few days ago, i was in love with it. the poems, the order, the title, all of it. but today, as i flipped through it, the poems called out for revision, the order called out for a new order, the title called out a new title.
i know this will pass.
some people have asked: do you have to be so public about your contest anxieties?
i love this poem by katy lederer.
wow. did i just write another woe-is-me post?
a few editors have asked for work in the past few months; i said no because the poems weren't ready. but i have four poems ready to go now. is it okay to send to those editors after you declined their initial offer?


Jehanne Dubrow said...

I think it's definitely okay to send poems to those editors. I'm sure they haven't changed their minds about you in the past few months and, if they have, well then "they were never true friends to begin with," as a mother might say in after-school special called Billy Wants to Be a Poet.

Suzanne said...

As far as I'm concerned you can do no wrong. Thanks again for your help with the statement. You rock! xo

Tomas Morin said...

I say shoot them an e-mail and give them the good news that you have something ready now. I would think most editors would appreciate you waiting until the work was done.

Kells said...

tenacity or insanity - only a few letters separate the two.

And you have way more than my drive, you're a rockstar.

Thanks for the link, Eduardo.

And yes, send to those editors now. I'm sure they appreciated your honesty and will love to get your poems.

all best,