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Thursday, October 08, 2009


i'm really tired of being nice to every blogger. aren't you?
i told a fib. i'm not only entering 4 contests this fall. i'm entering 5.
of course, i plan to send to open reading periods.
i love small presses. i support small presses by buying their books.
i laugh when bloggers post about their upcoming "important and huge" readings in nyc. talk about delusional.
i will send my ms to some smaller presses. but only presses that produce lovely books.
new pet peeve: bloggers who post about each and every freaking acceptance. especially acceptances to piss-small journals that nobody reads. believe me: no one is seeking out your work.
man, i'm in a bad mood.
these past few years i've sent out packets twice a year. i'm a slow writer so i usually don't have much product to move. but i also don't really care about journal publications these days. oh, don't get me wrong. i love reading my work in good journals. but all of my attention these days is focused on my collection, not on finding homes for individual poems.
here's a small list of journals i would love to crack in the future:
virginia quarterly review
kenyon review
american poetry review

some people might accuse me of being delusional.


Jills said...

you're just right.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Hmm, I'm not nice to every blogger. I'm not even always nice to the ones I like.

Jehanne Dubrow said...

Eduardo, I like it when you're in bad mood. That's when you say what I've been thinking (but don't have the nerve to say). Note to self: be more like Eduardo.

Kells said...

I too want to get into the Virginia QRev. I just got rejected by Kenyon Review today.

My pet peeve is when I'm invited to these important and huge readings in NYC since I'm on the other coast.

Mostly though, this is not other poets, but the Academy of American Poets & PSA who say that part of my membership is that I can attend these readings FREE! (Really? Now just send me a plane ticket and I'm night is in nice hotel and we'll talk...)

Now I'm in a bad mood.

Nice. My word verficiation is: S perky p

Leslie said...

I was never nice to every blogger.

I luv when you are in a bad mood. I agree with Jehanne—you are saying what I'm thinking. You go.

I have a bigger list than yours. All yours are on mine, but mine has even more.

Keith said...

Believe me: No one cares about what colonies and fellowships you've been to, along with what "awards" you've won.

You could also say THAT to bloggers who have that information in their "about me" section.

How's that for not being nice?