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Friday, August 21, 2009

more bread loaf pics!

here are some pics of faculty and fellows serving as waiters. it's a bread loaf tradition. click on pics to enlarge them.

matt mendez, jim ruland, leslie harrison.

c. dale young. doesn't he look happy?

alex espinoza, watch it! don't pour coffee on brigit pegeen kelly!

my sub. want some?

peter campion holding a tray stacked with invisible plates and cups. what a pro!

dave lucas is a scholar, like me. i like his glasses.

thomas mallon, also known as biff, was my waiter.

my workshop leader, tommy sleigh. long live johnny rockets!


Molly said...

I have the coolest picture of Thomas Mallon when he did the Norma Rae thing.

Curses, you stupid stupid computer who does not recognize my camera and all its wonderful Bread Loaf picture-glory.

greg rappleye said...

NIce pictures!

Dave Lucas said...

Why didn't you post these to facespace, Eduardo?