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Sunday, August 16, 2009

bread loaf bits

drinks on the porch. drinks at the barn. drinks at treman.
tom sleigh is rocking my world. i had a one-on-one with him the other day and his feedback was amazing. AMAZING!!
i read the other day. i think i did well.
i have three words for you: james allen hall. he's so freaking sweat and funny. but you know that.
tonight a poet told me that my poems don't sound like the poems written by most iowa graduates.
i'm not drunk!
a blogger that we all know and love is wearing crocs at bread loaf. not me.
leslie harrison gave a wonderful reading this afternoon. i bought her book. i hope she will sign it for me.
i like my roommate. sweet guy.
matthew dickman is the fellow in my workshop. nice guy. i like how he talks about poems. i adore his glasses. and his orange socks.
the mosquitoes are crazy around here. i've been bitten like 30 times.
there a lot of talented writers here. i find myself holding my breath sometimes while i'm listening to someone read at the little theatre.


Kells said...

Thanks, E! I like the update.

I'm not the blogger in crocs but I admit to wearing them too. (I know, the shame.)

I'm glad you like your roommate.

I so wanted this to be called "Bread Loaf Crumbs."

Thanks for the update!

greg rappleye said...

Have fun!

Give my best to Leslie Harrison.

Molly said...

James Allen Hall is one of the fellows in my workshop and you are right--he is so kind and generous and I read his book last night and loved it. I can't wait to see what he does next.

Leslie said...

James's reading rocked my very small world.
So did yours.

Of course I'll sign the book, silly wabbit.

David Parnelio said...

Congrats on the bread loaf. sounds like an amazing place for a writer. Too bad I couldn't take your class when you were at Colgate.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Sounds great -- crocs and all! (Is that CDY?)