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Thursday, August 06, 2009

bread loaf bits

i will be in tom sleigh's workshop. yeah! he was my first choice. hmm. should i admit that on my blog? don't hate me, brigit!
i will not be wearing crocs at the conference. and if you're wearing crocs then i might not even talk to you.
another latino poet will be in sleigh's workshop with me. finally someone who will get the the spanish slang in my poems. well, i hope he gets the slang.
i don't think i will be blogging from the conference. sad, i know. but i'm there to learn & to have fun. but i will post some pics every other day. who wants to see a pic of c. dale young falling off a tractor?
i've been emailing with a handful of scholars/ fellows recently. it's so nice to make some kind of contact before actually meeting.
i'm not going to take fancy dress clothes for the dances. why? because i don't like to dress up. and because i don't have any fancy clothes. i'm going to wear jeans & fish scales.
man, i can't tell you how much i'm looking forward to this conference.
James Arthur: The Death of the Painter


C. Dale said...

Ha! I will never fall off a tractor.

Jills said...

jeans and fish scales, love that. well mostly the fish scales.

Diane K. Martin said...

You don't need fancy clothes. It's not that kind of dance. It is the kind of dance where people (well, one poet) dance on the table and don't remember it in the morning.

Oh, have a great time. I wish I were going too -- but not enough to pay again!

greg rappleye said...

I like Crocs.