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Monday, August 31, 2009


o, bread loaf! i miss you!
the southern review is putting together a special feature on baseball.
congrats to oliver!
a big hello to elena passarello's collegue who reads my little blog. thank you.
louise gluck on the yale series of younger poets.
contest season is here! and for the first time, i have a dog in the race.
paul otremba: this wren.


javier said...

You need to let that dog loose, eduardo. and watch it run.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Thank you Eduardo!

Matthew Thorburn said...

Good luck!

Furnitude said...

Thanks for the link to Diode, but unfortunately there are two mistakes in Kara Candito's amazing poem "Love Poem at Edge of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch." Not cool, but it happens. Perhaps you could pass that along to her and she could get them to fix it.

el steena said...

EP's colleague is deblurking to say Hello to you too! Good luck with your dog--