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Friday, July 17, 2009

3 bits

i spent last night importing cds to my itunes library. what a chore! there were some albums that i imported completely. like the decemberists' her majesty, the pet shop boy's discography and death cab for cutie's plans. but mostly, i spent the time importing cuts from cds i rarely listen to anymore. like three tracks off duran duran's notorious and two tracks off a lisa lisa and cult jam album.
bread loaf is fast approaching. they sent me a packet earlier this week. it contained some basic information: what to pack, daily schedules, planned activities. also included in the packet was a sign-up sheet for group/ one-on-one meetings with magazine and literary press editors. i opted to meet with a literary press editor in a group setting. i already have my questions for the editor ready: Who killed the pork chops? What price bananas? Are you my Angel?
the most embarrassing but oh-so-good song that i imported last night? "love don't cost a thing" by jennifer lopez. i still love that jam. i'm listening to it right now.

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Wendy Wisner said...

Good music! Can I have some?