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Monday, June 29, 2009

bread loaf 2009

the list of bread loaf fellows and scholars has been released. yeah!

some thoughts:

it will be nice to see dave lucas again; we both won the discovery award in 2005. the poem about his father and the comet remains one of my favorites. i wish i'd written it!

james allen hall will be there! i'm going give him a bone-breaking hug when i see him!

leslie harrison and alex espinoza will also be there -- two folks i've never met but who are high on my get-to-know list.

james arthur! i've never met him, but johnny horton kept talking about him at vcca this spring. i think johnny has a man-crush.

i've read some of the poems of tomás q. morín online. love that middle initial.


thanks to jills for the link.


32poems.com said...

james allen hall is also going to be at sewanee. I was just looking at the Sewanee fellows and scholars to see who'd be there with me.

Furnitude said...

I'm jealous about bread loaf. Perhaps I'll apply next year. James Arthur is really good. He and I won the discovery award in 2004. Enjoy your time there.