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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i should call naren tonight.
i'm dying to know who else is going to be at bread loaf this year. i think the BL web site is updated in early july, but i want to know now.
i wish manuel would send me an email hello.
i've noticed that since i joined facebook the comments on my blog have dwindled. what's up with that? you all suck.
i can't write sentences.
do want $750 bucks and a trip to nyc? well, check out this contest. sounds like a good deal. if only i had a times square poem. do you think a poem about a dead cat would count?
my boyfriend is a pronoun.
I think sometimes in all of us, there is this idea that it would be nice to publish a runaway book, one that attracts all the major reviewers, that wins all the awards, gets people talking and buzzing, and sells a ton of copies.
thanks for posting the pics of jentel, sandra.


Jills said...

i like your bits best. they feel the truest.

Leslie said...

dear eduardo,

i think your friends don't visit and leave comments so much any more because you are cheatin' on me with facebook. you don't come 'round so much any more. what's next? gonna take up with that shallow bit of trash twitter?

your blog

Sara said...

I'm not much of a commenter on blogs and only a little more on fb, but I always read what you write. I hope you'll forgive me for not saying so more often.

Luke said...

I was the same way with finding out who will be at Sewanee this year. They finally updated their page the other day, here's hoping Breadloaf does the same soon.

Blogspot beats facebook 8 days a week.

Jills said...

Now you can know:


Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Guilty as charged. I've become totally subsumed by Facebook. Heck, I've even deserted my own blog. But, I'm back.

<--- Lorna Dee Cervantes is currently thinking of herself in the third person.