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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bits for naren

arizona = hot.
confession: i like to watch trashy reality shows. how trashy? this trashy: make me a supermodel and groomer has it.
i sent my ms to a handful of people. i've really pruned down the collection. maybe i've taken out too many poems. i don't know. the collection is tighter and i think the four sections make sense. but the order of the poems in each section is not quite right. i think. geez, when will this madness be over?
sometimes i want to be a lesbian.
okay, what is the correct abbreviation for the word "manuscript?" Ms or mss???
i finished a poem a couple of days ago. it's titled "after bei dao/ after jean valentine." i've been reading these poets intensely for the past 8 months. the more i read, the more i fall in love. their poems often function as portals to silence; a rich and vibrant quietening of the mind. silence is the first music a poet must master. and dao and valentine are close to mastering it.
"quietening" is a strange word. it sounds right, but looks kinda of odd. like a three-armed man.
is the new m. ward disc any good?


Jills said...

Read your April 21, 2008 entry, Putting Your Poetry in Order.

Anonymous said...

naren says the madness is never over. he's been sweating over a poem for the past four months. he already assumed you were a lesbian...

Diane K. Martin said...

Use "ms." when talking about one manuscript, and "mss." when talking about more than one.



Anne said...

What Diane said. And Ms. Ms. if your manuscript is female & you don't know its marital status.

As for being a lesbian, nobody needs that much drama in their life. ;)

Matthew Thorburn said...

Hey Eduardo, I don't think a manuscript is done until it's published, and sometimes not even then. I keep reworking mine too. I think *this time* I've really got it in the right order/shape/size/etc. -- but I know I've thought that several times before!