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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a brief note to sheryl luna

Sheryl, your latest post is very unfair to Francisco Aragon. You paint him as unprofessional and as some kind of king-maker. He's neither.

I have nothing but respect for Francisco. He's working hard to promote Latino/a poets. And he's not playing favorites. He's been kind to me and my work in the past. He's been kind to the work of many Latino/a poets. Including your work.

But Francisco doesn't wield king-maker powers. He can't break or make a career. And why rely on someone else? Make your own opportunities.

No one is entitled to "success" in the poetry world. One must fight tooth and nail for one's art. Have you fought tooth and nail?

A lot of your posts in the past have been thinly veiled attacks on Francisco. I've held my tongue before, but I can no longer stand by as you drag Francisco's name through the mud.

But what really makes me sad is all the energy you must be spending on dissing Francisco. Spend all that time and energy on your fine work!



Alexis said...

Oh, the bickering. Sheryl's on a rampage. I wonder why??

Rich said...

Sheryl Luna is a fantastic poet.

Francisco Aragon does a lot for Latino/a poetry. As do Rigoberto Gonzalez and Martin Espada, among countless others.

Latino and Latina poets do not have the time or the job prospects to be bickering with each other in public. We have better things to work on. Together.

Just sayin'.

Much love,