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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Review: Matthew Dickman's All-American Poem

Tony Hoagland, in his introduction, writes: “All-American Poem is a heroic and generous collection of poetry.” Which makes me believe that Mr. Hoagland either read an entirely different manuscript, written by a different person, or it was Opposite Day when he typed these words. For the work is indeed the opposite: it is cowardly and selfish. It gives nothing to the reader and asks everything in return. It tells, it does not show.


Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds want to know: are the Dickman brothers *actually* related to Sharon Olds, or just poetically akin?

Anonymous said...

The latest in the kerfluffle, from pshares blog:


Not Personal? This "review" is ultra creepy BECAUSE Michael KNOWS Matthew (I believe they were at Bread Loaf together and the rumor mill you're involved with tells me Michael Shiavo was a shitty guest at Matthew's house once) and I suppose has been left in the dust! It's not a review only a very very very weird boy crying because he didn't get what another bot got. And you! Shame on you! Go write a poem!

So, does it matter if MS knows MW? I think it does, but I'm interested in others' thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I loved All American Poem and all the hardbacks have sold out. Apparently they are doing another printing but in soft cover. Does anyone know where I can get one?

These dissing remarks by others who call themselves poets seem to be alittle jealous of the work. So glad Corral has no censorship power!!