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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Meme: 10 Lines

What are the ten lines from poems or songs that stick in your head when you are walking around your day. Or if you stop a minute and think of some lines or poetry, what comes up? It’s fine if you distort the line as you remember it, if you mis- remember it. I think that’s interesting--

These are less than essential lines. They are more 'what I can think of right now' lines. However, that they came to me now, from memory, must mean something of their importance. Surely I have missed many more than I've included.

1. The cancer ate her like horse piss eats deep snow. (Norman Dubie)
2. There's a crack in everything/ that's how the light gets in. (Leonard Cohen)
3. And let the unsayable build skyward. (Robert Vasquez)
4. Hurry a lion into the cage of music. (Bei Dao)
5. Verde que te quiero verde. (Lorca)
6. Light is time thinking about itself. (Octavio Paz)
7. Rain is the tallest girl I know. (James Galvin)
8. Our transgressions go to the sea in search of speech. (Luis Omar Salinas)
9. Perhaps the ankle of a horse is holy. (Larry Levis)
10. Loneliness leapt in the mirrors, but all week/ I kept them covered like cages. (W.S. Merwin)

1 comment:

Lee Herrick said...

Love #9 from Levis. That whole poem is striking. One of my favorites from Paz (from The Other Voice) reads "The many who read poems worm their way into immeasurable realities."