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Monday, March 09, 2009

last week bits

this is my hand in a large bowl of rice. an artist here was using rice in her work.
time flies. this is my last week at the vcca.
rita mae reese: there are no patron saints against accidents
all the snow has melted. we had warm weather today.
i applied to bread loaf this year. did you? i'm hoping to go as a scholar.
go vote: poetry idol, week three.
i love playing ping pong here. I'm not very good, but I just enjoy swinging that paddle.
i'm so glad the snow has melted. i can hike through the woods again. someone told me the frogs at the pond are making a lot of noise. he called it "peeping."
congrats, luke!
in an interview randall mann says: ...I...pulled out this beautiful thing...


Andrew Shields said...

Thanks for promoting "Poetry Idol," Eduardo! And thanks for your vote, too.

Luke said...

thanks for the shout-out!

i applied for a scholarship at sewanee--probably should have tried breadloaf, too...

happy to hear the snow has melted there, hope you have a productive last week

wv: codoed

Leslie said...

I'll be at BL this summer. It would be great if you come too.

C. Dale said...

I'll be at Bread Loaf this summer, too.

Anonymous said...

you should apply to breadloaf as a dinner plate: carnitas con arroz.

ha ha ha