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Thursday, February 12, 2009

vcca bits

revising and revising a poem.
windy and rainy day. i woke up late. missed both breakfast and lunch.
a lot of fellows leaving. new fellows coming in.
i played ping pong yesterday.
watched top chef in the tv room tonight. sorry to see leah go, but i'm glad fabio make it through. i love his accent.
i love the sound of rain. the smell of rain.
after my residency is over, i'm going back to arizona. i'm going to accept the first job that comes my way. clerk. popcorn maker. traffic cone. i need to pay down my credit cards and i need to save money for a future move.
i'm drafting and revising more and more on my laptop. this bothers me. i used to write all my drafts on a legal pad. why the change? i don't know.
cloud shadow.


Luke said...

Did you see the episode after that one? I won't ruin it for you, but Fabio goes through some turmoil. Not only is his accent great, but he's just so damn likeable.

C. Dale said...

I stopped drafting and revising on paper and now cannot even remember when that happened. I used to draft on paper and then enter it into the computer later. Who knows why we do these things?

Anonymous said...

For me, writing by hand is way too much aerobic exercise. I prefer to stay fat and desperate.

Steve Fellner

poetwithadayjob said...

definitely take the job as traffic cone.