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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

vcca bits

J. Walter Hawkes is also in residence here. He's a talented musician. Plays the trombone, ukulele, piano and too many other instruments to mention! And he also writes music for children's shows like Wonder Pets. How cool is that? My nephew loves that show. Here is Walter singing and playing the ukulele on another children's show: Jack's Big Music Show.
It snowed on Tuesday. Snow still on the ground.
To build a better room.
I no longer want to write beautiful poems. Correction: I no longer want to create beautiful images. I want to dial back the intensity of my images. I want to focus on music. I want my consonants and vowels to sizzle: I want my lines to burn the ears of a reader.
“Your skeleton / standing about, like a wildflower…”
I gave a reading Monday night. I was a bit nervous. Read some new poems.
To build a better stanza.
I won't be at AWP this year. Will miss all my friends.
Lorna Dee Cervantes:

...The best of what I am
is in the gravel behind the train yard
where obsidian chips lodge
in the rocks like beetles.
I burrow and glow

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