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Monday, February 16, 2009

SPD's Bad Poem Contest

from Clay Banes:

You may think it’s easy to write a bad poem, but is it really? How bad can you be?

SPD will award the SPD book of your choice (up to $30) for the worst poem in each category. Shipping included.

Please select from one of the categories below and write the worst poem you can. Send to: laura@spdbooks.org. Be sure to indicate the category the poem belongs to, and also include your name, email, and address.

Worst haiku
Worst Language poem
Worst workshop poem
Worst poem mentioning your mother
Worst sonnet
Worst poem intended to lead to sex
Worst poem using the words rainbow, mist, luminous, crystal, and anemone
Worst poem using the word capitalism
Worst Flarf poem (Complexly, this poem needs to be good.)
Worst poem using chance operations
Worst postmodern lyric
Worst New Formalist poem

Also, please tell us if you would rather not have your bad poem published on SPD’s blog.

At least one winner will be selected in each category. Contest ends February 20, 2009. Winners will be announced soon after. Poems will be judged by bad poetry experts on the SPD staff.


What a great idea! I hope you enter. I'm going to enter. I wonder if they'll accept poems I've already published? Ha.

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